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Systola: Wo das Herz Ihres Unternehmens schlagt

An excelent review of Softerra Adaxes is published on MSEexchange.org by Nuno Mota .

Lots of screenshots and a good walkthough of many features make it a very fair and good review. Read it here: http://www.msexchange.org/articles-tutorials/product-reviews/product-review-softerra-adaxes.html

Adaxes turns complex, multi-step operations into one-click actions. It is a powerful tool with vast automation capabilities, yet it is easy to configure and so intuitive to use.

Although Exchange’s RBAC makes it easier to provide Help Desk staff, for example, with a cut down version of the Exchange console so they can perform certain regular and repetitive tasks, Adaxes takes this a step further and makes these tasks much easier to perform through a great and highly customizable user interface. With all of this, Adaxes is possibly the best method to delegate and automate Exchange tasks.

Of course we are glad to offer you our own vision of Adaxes - just drop us a line or call us.

Systola @ 05.09.2013

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